Our program of Ceramic Restoration at F.I.T. consists of 2 semesters, Ceramic 1 and Ceramic 2. Each is worth 3 credits. The objectives of the program are:

1. Communicate the meaning, value and difference between museum restoration, commercial restoration and repair.

2. Explain the various types of materials, tools, equipment and safety precautions associated with ceramic restoration.

3. Explain how to evaluate the time and value of restoration work.

4. Introduce, explain and show every step and sequence involved in every type of restoration of ceramics.

5. Train the students how to skillfully use materials, tools, equipment, their eyes and hands in the creative process of restoration.

6. Review an extensive array of restoration problems, discuss and show how they are solved.

7. Provide intensive personal guidance to each student on their particular restoration project.

 Other courses of restoration are, also, being developed, that is, Ceramic 3, and the

Restoration of Glass, Mother-of-Pearl and Ivory. The objective of Ceramic 3 is to

provide knowledge and confidence in students to approach and solve any complex

restoration problem involving damaged ceramic and missing parts. The objective of

the Restoration of Glass, Mother-of-Pearl and Ivory is to provide students with

confidence and skills to restore any damaged or missing part made of these special

materials. (These courses are still in the stage of approval).


Overall these courses are designed to give our students basic knowledge and the

understanding of various materials, tools and techniques involved in the process

of restoration so that no matter where they work - Museums, Restoration Studios

or on their own - , and no matter what kind of materials and supplies will be used in

each of these places - the students can utilize their knowledge, understanding of

different materials and use of different techniques with speed, quality and confidence.