Can I install a desk leather if I have never done this before?

Yes, if you study the installation instructions on this web site, and pay close attention
when in performing all the steps. Read the installation instructions at:

Basic Leather information

Prices start at $ 40 Per Square Foot Includes one line of gold emboss
$ 90 Minimum order for the standard colors
( .277 cents per square inch )
Hides come antiqued, that is distressed to look old
and to maintain the classic look of antique table tops and desks.

Brand new looking Desk Leather are special orders.
For more information contact via the email on this website.

Which colors are available?


Custom colors -- Infinite number of colors and distressed effects

What emboss styles are available?

Gold, Silver and "Blind" (pictures are available).
Desk Leather Example

How thick are the desk leathers?

Leather thickness varies in thickness from a little less than 1/16" to around 1/16".

How much does it cost for a desktop leather?

For the Six standard colors ($ 90 minimum):
1. For a cut piece with NO embossing .......$ 40.00 Per Square Foot
2.For a round or odd shaped design cut piece with NO embossing .......$ 40.00 Per Square Foot
3. For a square or rectangle cut piece WITH embossing ..........$ 40.00 Per Square Foot
4. For a cut piece with MORE than one line of embossing .......$ 40.00 Per Square Foot
plus $ 7.00 a linear foot for every extra line.
5. For a round or odd shaped design............$ 40.00 per Square foot
6. All corner stamps ...........$ 7.00 each
7. Desk Pads or Blotters.........$70 per square foot

For the custom match colors:

1. Prices vary and begin at $ 70.00 Per Square Foot and go up to $ 100+  Per Square Foot ($ 185 minimum).

Can I get samples/swatches of leather?

Yes, send a email and request swatches.

email: antiquef@bellsouth.net


Standard colors are free and custom colors are $ 35 each.

Iím in a big hurry how do I get swatches over night?
I can send swatches over night FedEx. Email 

What is Blind embossing? 
It is embossing without gold and is black or dark brown.

How long does it take from the time I order to the time I receive it?
Usually desk leathers are shipped within 5 to 10 business days and can be received within 2 to 14 business days. 
The southeast being 2 days and the Pacific Northwest being closer to 7 days.

Can I rush order a desk leather?  

Yes. There is a surcharge on rush orders and FedEx overnight or second day charges are extra.

What do I need to do to install a leather insert myself if I have never done it before?

1. Read the installation instructions at

2. Email and ask questions seven days a week and days and most evenings.

3. When ordering the desk leather request scrap pieces to get some experience on how the leather, wood surface and glue work together.

How do I make a pattern for an unusual shaped table top?

1. Read the installation instructions at:

How can I Pay for table top leathers?
Check, PAYPAL, or VISA or MasterCard by telephone

Can I shipped the desk, or part of it, to Desk Top Leathers to have it professionally installed?
Yes, email for instructions and further details



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