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Re: Mosler safe worth

Posted By: Madeline Scrogin <madelinescrogin@comcast.net> (c-66-177-56-185.se.client2.attbi.com)
Date: 3/23/5 02:56

In Response To: Re: Mosler safe worth (James Schooley)

Hello, It's my first time reading these really interesting Q&A's. Before Mr. James Scjpoley commented I was going to mention the importance of knowing the provenance of this safe. Just as there might be strong interest on the part of many collectors as to who might have cracked or this safe or tried to and under what circumstances, I would bet that many people, especially well-educated educated women who often control the purse strings, i.e., finances, in modern day's relationships, who would have a stronger interest in the provenance of this safe. Who was the first person to own this safe, and from where did he or she acquire it? I would think that research could yield some promising information. Around this time in the early 20th century, in smaller towns in many areas of the United States and in southern Canadian provinces near the border, it was considered to be newsworthy and made the local newspaper for example when a wealthy local industrialist acquired a new motor car. I could imagine then that the likely extrapolation from that position was an effort by the editor of the town's major (or only) newspaper to bring this larger than life story which epitomized how the rich truly were different from ordinary people. Owning the only private-residence safe outside of the island of Manhattan,(read Wall Street)might have seemingly provided this man his fifteen minutes of fame; and with the use of a little Hollywood-style imagination one could then imagine how as a result of this laudable paternal effort our unlucky wealthy magnate whose only wish at the height of the worst depression in the U.S.'s history, was to protect for his family his newly accumulated, private wealth.

I say that you owe it to yourself to do some research, and you can begin easily enough with a Google search right here on the internet Good luck!!!

BTW, my original purpose here was to leave a question that the experts here would find compelling enought to tackle online! That is what can I do about quite a bit of crazing beginning to occur on the surface of an older Baker writing desk that I bought on the internet (EBay) and was just delivered by the nicest couple from N.J./W.V. this afternoon. The seller described the desk as being in excellent condition with its original finish. He did not mention crazing, although he took pains on other auctions sites to alert bidders to small amounts of crazing, even on another older Henredon mahogany table (which I also happen to have won and which I love!).

Thank you all for your patience. If you would like to quickly drop a line to my personal email address in response to my question, it is madelinescrogin@comcast.net. I would appreciate any professional adivse that would set my mind at ease. I do not mind working on the desk, I just don't have any desire to see it collapse!

Best regards, madeline in ponte vedra beach, fl.

P.S. My Dad worked for the Mosler safe company back east, and that's another connection for me!

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