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Re: Hardwood Floors

Posted By: Greg Scholl <beatkat@earthlink.net> (ct-waterbury1b-56.wtrbct.adelphia.net)
Date: 4/4/4 13:41

In Response To: Re: Hardwood Floors (James Schooley)

Always nice to discover beautiful wood floors under cruddy carpet..the same thing happened recently to us. James (as always) makes some good points...two quick additions: 1) shellac is beautiful, especially on heart pine floors...yet the task of cleaning and recoating an entire floor with shellac is daunting....it dries very fast during application, as it contains alcohol and sometimes methanol, you'll want to remove the family while doing it and opening all the windows and doors will be tempting, but will also cause it to flash (initial drying) faster... and if you're not familiar with applying finishes to large areas, it can be a nightmare if you screw it up.One reason why varnishes are used..they dry and level out slower allowing one to work a larger area and eliminate any lapping into a quickly drying previous area of the floor as you go. 2) both my daughters had nasty falls onto Oak flooring...one from partially up the stairs, and the other from just the couch...both resulted in lots of blood and "booboo's", my older daughter actually bit into her tongue...wow does that bleed!!As you know..it happens in a split second...so here's another reason you may want to consider carpet for a while longer.....and be aware that drinking glasses and Christmas ornaments, etc. will shatter into a million pieces when dropped onto a hardwood floor too, and if the kids are in bare or stocking feet...this can be scarey. A phone call to a flooring finisher or 3 may also be educational as far has how big a job they consider this type of application and their take on floor finishing in general..( even though you're going to do it yourself..you don't mention that of course!) they might offer to come out for no charge and speak with you....best of luck, with the kids and the floor.

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