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Hardwood Floors

Posted By: Holli Gribbons <h.gribbons@insightbb.com> (12-223-88-46.client.insightbb.com)
Date: 4/4/4 12:36

Mornin all! I need help. We recently bought a 110 year old Victorian. The whole house is all original everything (woodwork, chandeliers, clawfoot tub, pedestal sink, fireplace, hardware etc...) I say all that because now I want to talk about my hardwood floors. When you come into the house there are BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors in the front hall. I would almost bet my life that they still have the original finish on them! Now, the rest of the downstairs floors have been covered with carpet or linoleum. Last night I got a hair and pulled out one of the heat vents and yanked back some carpet to see what the floors looked like...well what I could see looked great. The finish appeared to be intact and shiny. I measured the thickness of the floor board and it just a hair over 3/4 of an inch thick. The carpet over the floors downstairs is WHITE, and with kids it needs to be steam cleaned every 3-4 months. It needs it now, but now that I know those beautiful floors are under there I don't want to take any more chances with ruining them. I am hoping that because the finish in the front hall has held up so well that I am going to get off real lucky in the damage department under the carpet. I want to yank the carpet out NOW! I mean right this very minute instead of typing this. We sure don't have the money right now to do the floors but will probably get to it in about August. That is typically the most humid month here and I want to make sure we properly allow for swelling when making any repairs. We will be doing the job ourselves and that will give me time to read the books you are going to recommend! What do you think? Should I yank up this carpet now or wait till I get ready to refinish them. I think they should be allowed to breathe real good without carpet for awhile before we refinish them. In the back hall there is stick-on tile over linoleum over what looks like a layer of plywood over the hardwoods. I think this should also come out as soon as possible. Is this a good idea? And about those books...what is good for me to get. When we refinish them I would like to put back what is on them now! If it has lasted this long that's the stuff for me. How can I tell what "IT" is? Thanks so much for your help. Holli

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