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Re: Poly Glue Overkill

Posted By: James Schooley (0-1pool247-116.nas2.sioux-city1.ia.us.da.qwest.net)
Date: 3/7/4 14:53

In Response To: Re: glue for chair (Barry Gilliam)

I have glued hundreds of chairs without using a poly type glue, and have only had three give after a fair amount of use. My bigest problem in reglueing furniture is in removing these over kill products when the chairs break. Avoid a cynoacralate (CA super glue, or Gorilla glue) like the plague. This stuff is a PERMENT GLUE. It will fuse to the wood fibers and refuse to come back off without heavy sanding. This will result in aloss of fiber and joint fit when later repairs are needed, and often will cause breakage of rungs. Only use this epoxy or CA or polyurethane type glues on furniture that you don't intend to have to fix ever again as it will be trash after this type of repair. All furniture, especially chairs, will sooner or later loose their glue fit, due to wood shrinkage, age, or poor design. The loose chair is as common as rain, the properly glued chair will come loose gradually in the joints and when it does you need to remove the old glue with a solvent or light scraping and reglued with somthing that can be reversed, like carpenters wood glue or hide glue. Hide glue was used on all antiques and can be repeated without all the cleaning off that carpenter's glue does. In fact all glues must be removed to be re glued except hide glue, it can rebond to it's self when fresh hide glue is added. None of the poly type glues can rebond to them selves or be easily removed, and when you have a misfit joint or when the piece starts to come apart the perment glues are so strong that the chair will break instead of popping apart into it's basic components. The glue in a furniture joint is the shear pin in the design, it will give before the basic parts and therefore avoid damage to the parts. Glue that is stronger than the wood, and adding nails, will break the wood instead of giving in a reasonable manner as does carpenter's wood glue, and hide glue.

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