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Re: brass or iron bed

Posted By: James Schooley <furnitureissues@earthlink.net> (0-1pool246-228.nas2.sioux-city1.ia.us.da.qwest.net)
Date: 6/27/5 21:33

In Response To: brass or iron bed (Tara Pack)

First you will want to find out if it has a brass plate over the steel. Try some 0000 steel wool in a secluded spot to see if it has a brass color under the finish. The fact that there is rust tells me it is not solid brass, but a magnet will show you if any of the cast parts are solid brass, hopefully there is some good brass on it and not just brass colored paint. Navel Jelly can be used to remove heavy rust, but Semi Chrome will also do the trick where there is minor rust and the safety of the plate requires caution with all chemicals and cleaning products. Neverdull will help take off the tarnish as well as Tarnix, but if there is a finish on the bed, it must be removed with lacquer thinner or a liquid paint stripper. Once you have stripped off the old finish polish as best you can in the worst area and if there is a lot of bare steel showing through then it may need to be re-plated. Check in the phone book for this service, and don't fuss with it any more if you do want to plate it as they will strip and polish it to their own standards when they apply the brass. You will most likely want to re-plate the entire head and foot of the bed as you don't want to even imagine doing just the worst parts, since they will not all match the original. Welding? What needs to be welded, unless you are referring to brazing? Sandblasting will get it down to bare metal if you decide to paint, use a good primer and all oil base coatings, sanding between coats with 600 grit wet/dry sand paper, rubbing out the last coat with an automotive polish, once it has hardened for 48 hours. Sandblasting is bad for brass plating however, as it will pit the metal and leave a rough look. A fine sanding would be far better, using 320 wet/dry sand paper and mineral spirits to lubricate the process. Wear eye protection and protective gloves during all these procedures.

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