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Re: wine stains on mahagony veneer

Posted By: Greg Scholl <beatkat@adelphia.net> (67-22-200-210.albyny.adelphia.net)
Date: 5/4/5 12:16

In Response To: Re: wine stains on mahagony veneer (James Schooley)

Yes, it's true that the colorant industry flourishes in food, but we were talking about wine..and red wines get their color from the grapes....not from additives of any kind...you state that grape juice has very little color if any...and then you agree with me, and reference web information about concord grapes being such a dark purple that you can't even see through the juice. Yes, it's extracts are used as a colorant, and it's natural pressed color is rich purple. Fine red wines do not use colorants or fruit juice...they derive their color from the type of grapes, skins, seeds, and stems, and how those are used in the fermenting process...........http://damngoodwine.com/winered1.htm and http://www.meijer.com/wineguide/eval.html and http://www.grapegrowersofontario.com/thecellar/wine_guide/winetasting.html for reference. Wines can be made from other fruit juices, (eldeberrries, for instance and even honey), but Grapes are what fine Vintners make fine red wines with..and only Grapes. When wine tasters speak of flavors like currant, chocolate, rasberry, smoke,licorice and on and on...these are characteristics of the grapes, the soil, the sugars, the weather, the Oak barrels, etc., and the winemaking process they're speaking of, and in fact in most places, it is not legal to add colorants or flavor enhancers to fine Red wines. Now some CHEAP table Rose's...and wine coolers and Ripple may have fruit juices added...but not real Red wines, no matter what country..the deep red is part of the process and the blending of the varieties of the grapes used...in fact it is a rich part of the history and has been perfected by many fine Vineyards over hundreds or thousands of years..I have a friend who runs a liquor store, and holds wine tastings regularily (some of which I gladly attend..), and I believe that if you call a wine merchant he could talk your ear off about wine, wine making, color, Grapes,tasting etc...and he'll tell you what I just have..

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