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Re: wood spindles spliting

Posted By: roger demuth <fero@sbcglobal.net> (adsl-68-72-222-204.dsl.akrnoh.ameritech.net)
Date: 3/8/5 14:59

In Response To: wood spindles spliting (Jay Gould)

Jay, Aging, drying, AND dampness. No matter though, the effect is the same. The main concern I have in a case like this is whether the leg appears to be just cracked or has it come completetly apart. It is usually better if has parted believe it or not. If it isn't you might be well off to complete the break if you can so you get a complete glue surface. Usually the pieces will fit back together fairly well so all you have to do is re-glue and clamp. In crucial glue joints I like to use a polyurethane glue like Gorilla Glue. Clamping in a round leg is tough but if it is large enough use a glue strap or webbed nylon ratcheting hold down. Rope can be used also if you make a series of tourniquets. Use hemp rather than nylon as nylon stretches too much.

The pressure on a leg is mainly downward so a glue up like this usually works. If you like though you can drill for dowel holes and use dowel centers to mark where the dowels go. Ask at your home center for those. This is kind of tricky to do though, One thing about urethane glue is that it foams up and squeeze out peels away easily, but that foaming action can be used to advantage. One thing I have done in the past is to drill a series of holes on each side to be glued up. 1/4 inch should do it. If you use enough glue the foaming action will fill those holes, locking the assembly in place. Dowels are better but there is another option. Remember to follow the directions on the glue bottle - you only apply urethane glue on one side and wet the other with water. James and Greg may recomend hide glue but I believe in overkill. Urethan glue enters the wood fibers and expands there making an exceptionally strong joint. Remember though - a well fitting glue joint will be stronger than the wood itself, so it should make for a very good repair.

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