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Re: still learning after 35 years

Posted By: Bob Klein <bobklein1@cox.net> (ip68-1-111-93.pn.at.cox.net)
Date: 3/6/5 22:25

In Response To: Re: still learning after 35 years (roger demuth)

If the interior design store says they are worth three hundred I would sell to them at a discount!!! Your area may be different, I'm in Pensacola, Fl and to be sure those type chairs do not sell well here either in oak or walnut. I don't understand why, they do not look bad and are built tough.

Back to the chair gluing, it can be a real pain when nailed up, no doubt about that. In fact when reading your post I started shuddering thinking about how the uncle bubbas and uncle henerys nail chairs up like there was a sale on steel. I use the punch through method when I have but it is usually the dead hit hammer and a bit of wiggiling that gets it done. There have been times when I have told my customer that I will do more damage taking one apart to reglue (being a believer in complete disassembly that I am) and to just keep using it until it loosens up a bit more. I usually mark the bottoms of these to reference later.

There have been many in the past and probably in the future too that I have had to glue more than joints because of breaking them while taking them apart. If I take my time and don't get aggravated it goes better. Hide glue is my choice, hot hide, and I have had decent results using vinegar to loosen white and yellow glues. It softens it slowly but it works. Another thought, if it is next to impossible to get a joint apart nad it is hide glue you can drill a minute hole along the pocket and inject a very watery hide to reactivate the old glue, or just hot water.

I have gotten where I will show the customer the nails and problems I will encounter and let them know that it will take extra time which I must charge for. Sometimes one will work in 30 minutes for $75 but they get offset on the one that took 90 minutes at $75. I feel that it is worth 80-100$ to glue a chair, more on most.

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