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Re: Buffed finish on french deco table

Posted By: Roger DeMuth <fero@sbcglobal.net> (adsl-68-72-215-97.dsl.akrnoh.ameritech.net)
Date: 10/7/4 17:40

In Response To: Re: Buffed finish on french deco table (Wiliiam A)

So much response for someone who seems to know what he is doing in the first place! If I have a question I hope I get as much even though I've been doing this for 30 years.

My thoughts on the matter date back to my days doing bodywork on cars - not professionally mind you. When you think about it, doing a super high gloss on furniture is no different than on a new car. We all want that look don't we? My first experience with a problem car finish was when I was Service Manager at a car dealership some 25 years ago. The problem was orangepeel on a blacke vehicle. The bodyshop color sanded the entire car and buffed it out - much like when my son and I did a '71 VW a few years ago. They started with 600 wet paper and worked their way up to 1500, afterwhich they machine buffed the car with automotive buffing compound. Turned out great.

Why can't we refinishers learn from them? I treat a super high gloss finish like a car finish. Using a machine to buf can be dangerous though. I have a heavy duty buffer, and have used it on cars for years but a novice can easily burn the finish if not careful. Use a clean lambswool pad for buffing out _ and wear an apron! By the way - I like Maguiers professional rubbing compounds. Now you have treated it like a car so far, you are tempted to use a few coats of Turtlewax right? Wrong! I admit I have done this and hope to God I never have to refinish the piece again! Car waxes contain silicone and we all know what havoc silicone wreaks on wood! Furniture wax and if you want now use the foam buffing pad, use it.

I've run through all the grits in the past but found that wet sanding with fewer grits up to 1500, followed by auto products works best. My main problem is that most of my work is either done in oak or the customer wants satin finish. Anyone have any ideas where to find customers who want high gloss on Phillipine mahogany? A few months ago I acquired about 16 board feet of that for $5! I see a coffee table for one of my kids in my future.

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