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Re: Gorilla Glue?????

Posted By: Greg Scholl <beatkat@adelphia.net> (ct-waterbury1b-56.wtrbct.adelphia.net)
Date: 8/25/4 02:21

Gorilla glue is a polyurethane glue that is waterproof, but I wouldn't recommend it for furniture work at all. It's worst atribute is that it foams as it cures and then becomes difficult to remove, and glue joints subject to repair should be reglued with a reversable re-glue-able furniture adhesive, not polyurethane,C.A., construction adhesive, Bondo, Silicone, or any other of this type of adhesive. As for Loc-Tite, I always thought that was a thread locking product that one used when desiring to prevent a nut or bolt from loosening from vibration, etc. As for Randalls aproach to furniture "restoration", I have never heard of such an aproach. A large majority of veneered furniture is veneered on an inferior wood substrate as James mentioned, and to remove the veneer from one side only of a veneered panel is definately tempting fate as far as warpage, also as James rightly mentions....a finish will not create the same tension as the remaining veneer on the other side of the panel. Frankly, I'd like to see some of these projects out of curiosity..and fear what might happen to them years down the road..not only will this process ruin the value of an Antique immediately, but in all the years I have been doing veneer repair and replacement, I have never seen a secondary wood that looks as good as the veneered surface that covers it, and it would certainly drastically alter the look of the piece to strip all of the veneers off. Most of these pieces are veneers of walnut, mahagony, rosewood, satin wood, etc...veneered over Pine, poplar,oaks, glued up out of narrow planks without any thought to matching grain patterns that one would do when building a solid wood piece.... or even plywood. One could call this refinishing, but certainly not restoration, or conservation. Having said that, if Randall's customer is aware of what he is doing, and understands how it affects the piece and condones it, and then genuinely is pleased with the results and resulting bill.....

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