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Re: Gorilla Glue?????

Posted By: Randall Brown <rbrown1@powernet.org> (0-1pool149-253.nas4.huntsville2.al.us.da.qwest.net)
Date: 8/24/4 15:34

James, It is entirely possible that I am nuts, but it is an absolute fact that you do not thoroughly read through the posts that you respond to. 1. I never stated that I use crazy glue. I use a good wood glue. 2. I did state that I have never used Gorilla glue. 3. I did not state that veneer was utilized to make "cheaper" furniture. I

said that it was used to make large sheets of wood to facilitate a

manufacturing process, and that is a fact. 4. I did not relate any remarks regarding the quality of veneer. My

comments had to do with appearance. Everything else in your response that I disagree with is merely one opinion versus another. I happen to think, regardless of what you think, that veneer is generally less attractive than the wood underneath. That is merely a personal preference that I wished to share with Jay for his consideration. I have never run across pallet wood used in furniture construction and as for knots, well, some folks happen to like a rustic wood appearance. When veneer is removed from a piece, one needs to merely prepare the surface and finish it in a timely manner, and there should be no conern about warping. I don't have these problems. As to conserving an antique, an antique is to its owner what it is to its owner. If the owner should desire to strip off the old veneer, then what remains is what will be conserved. I do not advocate stripping veneer from every piece and I am not on a crusade to do away with it. I only offered one option should the piece in question not be satisfactorily repairable, as is the case on occasion. When that situation does present itself, one can apply new veneer if he wishes, or if the wood is pleasing to the eye, it can be finished to produce a functional, appealing piece that will give some use and pleasure to the owner. I respect your talents and experience, but your opinions are no better than mine, regardless of how unconventional you may consider them to be. Diversity of opinion shared in an open forum is how we can all learn from one another. Thank you.

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