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Re: Waterfall Dresser #2

Posted By: Greg Scholl <beatkat@adelphia.net> (ct-waterbury1b-56.wtrbct.adelphia.net)
Date: 4/5/4 09:40

In Response To: Re: Waterfall Dresser #2 (Peter Dale)

Hi Holli, as I remember, you said you were going to paint this piece...I would just fill the crack after gluing down the veneer as best you can. Take a thin pallet knife and carefully get glue under the veneer if it is loose anywhere and re clamp.(or weight)...then fill the crack with filler...a good wood filler, Elmer's exterior is a good latex one, and Minwax two part polyester filler is a tool no one should live without. (Bondo for wood)If you decide on the two part stuff, just remember to do all your shaping and sanding before it hardens up...it gets really hard....like Bondo, as it cures, it gets to a state where it's the consistency of hard cheddar cheese...thats when to do your final shaping, and then the closer it gets to hard you can sand it .Experiment a little on some scrap if you've never used these two part miracle workers. Veneering is an art that one can certainly learn, but if you're painting it....I wouldn't bother on this piece. And for future reference, Weldwood white glue is a great veneer glue on flat sufaces where you can clamp adequately, and coating a veneer and substrate with a coat of yellow glue, letting each dry to the touch, will allow you to carefully iron on the veneer.As far as mold and mildew growth, yes Linseed oils and some waxes (especially if there's beeswax in the mix) can feed these growths, but usually only in a damp, dark environment. If the piece of furniture is now being moved to a nice dry house, you probably don't have to worry too much about regrowth. Most clear wood preservatives have algaecides/fungicides in tham to retard this growth, but I'm not sure you'd want to put these on furniture...I have used a wash coat of thinned, water based varnish with good results in sealing drawers. They are water white (totally clear) and when thinned don't dry with any sheen, unless you but several coats on..Best of luck.

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