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Re: Wood type?

Posted By: Holli Gribbons <h.gribbons@insightbb.com> (12-223-88-46.client.insightbb.com)
Date: 4/4/4 21:59

In Response To: Re: Wood type? (Greg Scholl)

Ok guys! I am a woman but I assure you that I am not blonde!!! I appreciate your concern but rest assured I do ALL my chemical work outside. I live in Indiana and I am just waiting for the weather to break but I do take advantage of every good day. No James the bed and the dresser are not a set. The bed is a sleigh bed and the dresser is a waterfall. (I know more about the furniture than I do the refinishing that is why I ask you guys all the time). But they will all be a set when I put it in the same room. I found a waterfall vanity with a big round mirror and round knobbies on the mirror frame for my daughter's room which I am redecorating. It was in excellent condition. Then I won a YO-YO quilt at an auction for her room and the "THEME" became "ROUND". I did buy the dresser to match the vanity (which i added a picture of)how could I not for $12? But the bed was purchased for it's "roundness" not to actually "match".

Here is a little of my background waaaayyyy back in the olden days you could take SHOP at school. At my school we had wood, metal and leather tooling shops. I took them all. I was the only girl. I took auto body repair for two years at vocational school and worked in a garage painting cars while still in high school to save money for college. In college I received a bachelors in accounting and an associates in computer programming. I went to cooking school for two years then I went to work building cellular towers all across the country...schlepping my hubby and children the whole way. My oldest went to 17 different schools. I had to leave my job building cell towers after becoming disabled. So we bought this house and now I have a HUGE project. My hubby while capable of making a shelf from a picture I rip from a magazine, just doesn't get the thrill of doing stuff with your hands!! But he has to use all the power saws. (I am too chicken). So when I say "I have to have bed rails made" what I mean is after I go get all the stuff and have it all assembled in the garage he will come cut them and then I will do all the finishing. I do have a mechanical type of aptitude and I don't think any of this stuff is beyond me. I just need you guys for the expert help. Holli

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