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Re: Wood type?

Posted By: James Schooley (0-2pool241-253.nas2.sioux-city1.ia.us.da.qwest.net)
Date: 4/4/4 20:25

In Response To: Re: Wood type? (Holli Gribbons)

It is very hard to say from the photos I can't tell for shure. Some of the veneer looks a little like cherry, or maple. This bed goes with the dresser? They have diverse design elements. Most of the wood in a paint grade piece were mixed hardwoods, poplar, maple, alder, ( which all do seem to resemble what I can see so far) even some nicer wood when it was convient to the manufacturer. Which means when you first see walnut or cherry don't assume all is sweetness and light. There may be a mix of woods and a few choice woods just to frustrate the hopeful refinsher. The fact that the paint is on the bare wood says a lot. Either the paint was the first coat of finish, or the piece was stripped once already and got painted after the stripping. There is no reason to dispair, the pieces can still look good together, you just have more problems to solve. The paint in the grain concerns me since it isn't comming off with what you are doing. This is a small room to strip in if that is what you are doing, make shure the furnace is not getting any of the fumes and wear a NIOSH filter mask if you are doing this for more than a few minutes and using a MC stripper. Don't put a fan on the stripper, place it in the window with a good fit and blow the air out. Water heaters that burn gas are not good around Metholene Chloride either, the fumes will incenerate in the combustion chamber and turn into a corrosive, that will damage metal furnace parts and flues. Try to scrub with some TSP from the paint store, 0000 steel wool should help remove paint in the grain, lastly household ammonia and a coarse rag can pull paint out of the grain, rinse well with denatured alcohol after. It nothing else good ole sand paper has been prooven to work on paint in the grain.

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