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Re: Dating an Old Dresser

Posted By: vince <vstrazzabosco@yahoo.com> (1Cust138.tnt10.chi15.da.uu.net)
Date: 6/25/3 16:44

In Response To: Dating an Old Dresser (vince)

Thanks for all the info thus far. I have also posted this info the other forum as suggested, and so far Fred's response is encouraging. Here's more info so far from my latest viewing of it:

I was not able to take a picture of the chest of drawers. The store does not allow cameras inside. I can sort of understand, as the place is a jumble and a great target for a lawsuit, and itís in a poor part of town as well.

I brought my flashlight, and forgot to take my tape measure. Darn!

Damage: -The veneer on the top has been broken off at the upper left front corner, about the size of a dollar. The wood underneath is fine.

-One of the small top drawers has come apart, but everything is intact and just needs to be carefully glued back together.

-On the two top drawers with the curved outward fronts, the thin vertical grain veneer is starting to crack in the middle areas. There is a small (1/32) sliver of veneer missing on one edge, and I can see some fabric backing to the veneer. The other four lower drawers have horizontal veneer.

-One of the faceted glass knobs is missing, along with the brass base. The screw is present, though.

-There is some warping to one of the horizontal covers on the back. It is not plywood, rather a thin plank of wood.

-Assorted minor dings and scratches, but nothing major aside from the veneer on top. A good cleaning with a damp rag would make a difference, and touching up some of the scratched areas where the lighter wood is showing through would make it lots more presentable.

More Information: -There are slots in the back, at the top. Further inspection reveals two dowels that have been placed into holes near the back and cut flush. Apparently there was a mirror of some type mounted on the back. This piece is about 46 inches high as it is, without any mirror on it.

-The keyholes on the drawers have a small brass surround. The latch assembly is present on the back of each of the six drawers. Is probably steel, with only the hole surrounds being brass. I did not see any screws, etc. holding the latch assembly in place.

-The top consists of six planks joined lengthwise by dovetails. The top and bottom of the top panel has a layer of 1/16 veneer covered by a very thin veneer, the sides and edges are not covered. The thin top veneer has a very open grain. The top panel is fastened to the framework with countersunk straight-bladed flathead screws from inside, visible when one removes the drawers and looks inside carefully..

-There are also wedges glued to the top section and the frame with an amber colored wood glue.

-The drawer tracks and guides are made of wood, and fastened to the drawers with tiny headless nails.

-The dovetails are machine made.

-There is some checking on the finish in some areas, which leads me to believe it may have been refinished at one point long, long ago.

-There is part of an old water-transfer decal of some childrenís animals on a rocking horse on one side, probably put on long ago as well, as the checked finish covers it.

-There are four metal casters, one on the base of each leg that have been taken out and are sitting in a drawer.

-There are no nails I can see besides the ones holding the drawer guides to the drawers.

-The sides (left and right, not front/back) of the drawers are lower in the center than at the ends.

-I could see no name or identifying marks anywhere. I also did not see any obvious saw marks.

I was not able to take out the two lower drawers as there was not enough room. This item is heavy and very solid. It does not wobble or rock.

So there you have it. I think Iíll try to make a deal with the manager and see if I can add this to my collection of stuff I donít really need or have room forÖ.

Of course, any and all comments are entirely welcome!

Thanks again,


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