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Vintage cabinet Knechtels rounded side doors

Posted By: Patty <pgmoyer@telusplanet.net> (ltbrtnt1-port-49.dial.telus.net)
Date: 9/4/5 19:19

I apologize in advance for such a long message. I have a vintage cabinet (was my mom's) that is labeled inside the top drawer Knechtels Limited, Hanover, Ontario, Quality Furniture since 1864. On the back of the cabinet is printed STYLEN (a small space between the E and the N and there could have been another letter after the N but can't tell for sure) 2990. Beneath that is printed R (then a big space) N (another big space and could be another letter but totally unreadable) and then 241. The cabinet has two long drawers on top with 2 doors that open underneath. Inside the 2 doors is a shelf. On the outside of the drawers/doors is a rounded glass door and there are 2 shelves behind each door. The wood is a light color and could be an oak but I'm not a furniture person and don't know for sure. On the top of the cabinet and on the face of each drawer and door is a yellow mottled material that appears to be like the old arborite on the old kitchen tables. The cabinet has a small raised edge on the very back of the top and has some nice rounded ridges along the top front edge. Condition is quite good with one small chip in the arborite on a drawer corner and some staining on the arborite top. The stains appear to be either from water or possibly tea (my mom was a great tea drinker).

If anyone would like to see photos to help identify this, please email me.

I have a few questions regarding this cabinet. 1) What is the proper name for this item (china cabinet, kitchen cupboard, sideboard, etc.)? 2) Can anybody tell me approx age, value, any other information, etc.? 3) Is there any way of removing the stains from the top (they have been there for many many years)?

This cabinet has great sentimental value to me and is to be passed on to my eldest daughter. I would like to be able to include an information paper on the cabinet for her future reference. I have read some items about the Knechtels Furniture manufacturing company but I can't seem to find anything regarding this type of cabinet. Thank you in advance to all who respond.

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