Announcing a new email list group BY and FOR


The purpose of creating this email list is so we can trade ideas, discuss trade topics,

increase our knowledge in order to improve our skills, increase profits.


What is an email list?
An email list is a convenient way for a group of people sharing common interests to communicate via email. It is a forum for interaction, discussion and sharing information of all kinds.

How does an email list work?
Email lists simply allow you to send a single email to a single address and have that message automatically redistributed to all the members on the list.

Why would I want to subscribe to an email list?
The reasons for participating in email lists are infinite, including wanting to receive information, enter a discussion forum on a topic of interest to you, participate in a support group etc.

What software do I need to participate?
Since most email lists are based on sending and receiving e-mail, you will need an application in which you can read and compose e-mail.

Do I have join an association or an organization?
The email list is not associated with any organization.

Do I have to be a Professional restorer to join?
Yes, Absolutely.

How much does it cost? It is 100% FREE.

If you are interested in participating with a group of professional
restorers and make your living restoring antiques then submit the form below.

Professional Antique Restorers only please.

Please do not ask restoration questions here.

Which Email group would you like to join?

Furniture Porcelain Gilding & Fine Art restoration

  Business Name
  Address 2

Enter your comments in the space provided below:
Please, no restoration questions here.

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.


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